The TriContour procedure enables us to customize the micro laser lipo procedure to your specific body, contouring the parts that are unique to your body to achieve the best result possible.

    In three easy steps

    These three aspects to the TriContour process include localized anesthesia, power-assisted lipo and laser liposuction. With our TriContour procedure, you’ll take pleasure in the advantages of modern-day technology with the skills of our extremely specialized medical professionals, whose years of experience provide the capabilities you require for the body you deserve.
    How it works?

    Comfort: Localized Anesthesia

    Local anesthesia is carried out in the areas of treatment. People remain awake, enabling you to interact with the doctor throughout the treatment. This also makes it less complicated for the medical professional to place you in the very best method feasible to efficiently deal with each location. If you are worried regarding being wide awake during the procedure, physicians could supply medicines to aid in relaxation and convenience.

    Take out: Power-Assisted Liposuction

    Our doctors use power-assisted technologies with micro cannulas and mild suction to successfully remove most excess fats, particularly in bigger physical body areas.

    Refinement: Micro Laser-Assisted Liposuction

    Special laser-assisted equipment is made use of to more refine the sculpting process.

    A little micro cannula with a low-powered laser fiber gently heats the fat cells. The micro-laser is so little that it could contour little locations that were harder to treat in the past, such as upper arms and under the face. These strategies smooth out the work done with the power-assisted micro cannulas and stimulates collagen buildup which could assist the skin tighten up, producing a smooth final appearance to the managed areas.

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