As people age, the skin of their face and the volume in their cheeks change significantly. Whether it is the effects of gravity, sun exposure or weight loss, the development of folds, skin creases and wrinkles progresses and is inevitable.

    A face lift is a procedure designed to turn back the appearance of the aging process in the lower face. This can be performed at the same time as other procedures such as eyelid surgery, fat transfers, or forehead/browlift to rejuvenate the face.

    The best candidate for a face lift is a man or woman who has loose, sagging skin in their lower face but their boney structure is still well defined. Patients range from their early 40’s to their 80’s.

    A face lift usually takes several hours. The incisions usually begin in the temples, extend along the ear in the natural crease, and continue behind the ear lobe to the lower scalp. If the neck needs additional work, an incision may be placed under the jaw.

    The face lift procedure usually involves separating the skin from the muscle, tightening the muscle, and then removing the excess skin. After the procedure, dressings will be applied and you will be placed in post-operative garments.

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