We are pleased to offer our patients medical grade skin care lines. In our comfortable, relaxed, and service-oriented setting, patients will receive advice and consultation from our aestheticians and physicians regarding the best skin care products available. These powerful, effective, yet gentle products are recommended as part of a customized regimen for each patient and will work in conjunction with our aesthetic treatments to maximize results.

    Products available:

    • Nia 24
    • Latisse
    • Novell
    • Skinceuticals
    • and more

    Medical grade products help to:

    • Reduce wrinkles
    • Correct color pigmentation
    • Increase collagen and elastin
    • Promote evenness (color variation in the skin tone)
    • Increase nutrients in the skin

    What procedures require the use of medical grade products?

    These product lines are often recommended to patients who have recently had aesthetic procedures done at our location. The products restore new and healthy skin cells and maintain the lasting effects of laser treatments, allowing your skin to gain its full potential.

    What do the products do?

    The products are applied externally to the skin to correct, protect and prevent damage to your skin. Our product lines provide a healthy concentration of vitamin C that protects skin from the effects of damaging free radicals.

    Can I use these products if I have dark skin?

    Yes. These products are redistributing vitamin C that all skin types and colors are missing.

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    Medical Insurance
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