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Virtual Consultation

Shape Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to offer face to face online consultations

Whether you live across the city of Chicago or across the country, our virtual consultation allows you to get an evaluation on the cosmetic improvements you desire, without leaving the comfort of your home.

We thank you for taking the first step of your new life.

Online Face to Face Consultation

Many of our customers live outside the city of Chicago, we seek to make it easier to have a consultation without leaving home, our experienced staff will walk you through a process that will provide complete care and a pleasant experience. Our Virtual consultation allows you to share you current condition and your desired outcome.

During the online consultation, we will discuss your desired improvements and evaluate your overall surgical candidacy. After the consultation we will review the proposed surgery or procedure, discuss all surgical fees, expenses, and appointment schedules. Walk you through our financing options if financing is needed, our staff will suggest hotel and/or post-operative care accommodations and expected length of stay in Chicago.



Once the patient is content with the surgical plan tailored by our staff, we will discuss available dates, and then our staff will schedule a preoperative appointment normally the day before surgery, once both parties have agreed on the scheduled dates, a deposit is required to reserve dates. And full payment is due 2 weeks prior to surgery. “If you need financing be sure to check out our financing partners”

The day before surgery the patient will spend the day getting our physical examination and visit with Dr. Bhanoo Sharma, who will indicate all pre and post-surgery instructions, a preoperative photo session and time to review and sing all consent forms prior to surgery.

After Surgery


All out of town patients must plan ahead of time for a hotel stay for at least 7 days minimum that is after the day of the surgery, the length of your stay will depend on the amount of surgery performed. Dr. Sharma may extend this recovery time to fit your recovery needs; our goal is a healthy and safe recovery, our staff will schedule all post-surgery visits during your stay in Chicago.